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traces of my ancestors

ancestors Karsten

Spring, summer and beyond
Soon the autumn and soon the winter -
Ah, dear mamsell,
Life goes fast.
~Wilhelm Busch (German poet, 1832- 1908)

my grandparents:

Ernst Korn and Anita Busch

Engelbert Erbach and Marie Wissner

my greatgrandparents:

Frithjof Korn and Dora Wetendorf

Johann Jakob Busch and Auguste Dührkop

Jakob Erbach and Anna Geis

Karl Wissner and Wilhelmine Pfeiff

my greatgreatgrandparents:

Richard Robert Max and Auguste Rustenbeck

Heinrich Wetendorf and Anna Catharina Eggers

Carsten Busch and Catharina Meyer

Johannes Markus Friedrich Dührkop and Doris Maria Magdalena Dührkop

Gottfried Erbach and Helene Becker

Karl Geis and Wilhelmine Pistor

Johannes Wissner and Elisabetha Gaul

Heinrich Pfeiff and Katharine Schomber

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