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Heinrich Pfeiff
Dec 31, 1856 - July 4, 1913
father: Philipp Pfeiff,
mother: Helene Pfeiff

ring Feb 22, 1885

Katharine Pfeff nee Schomber
Aug 25, 1862 - Jan 25, 1940
father: Wilhelm Schomber
mother: Katharina Schomber nee Schnell

known children:
daughter: Maria Pfeiff May 21, 1886 - Dec 8, 1892
daughter: Elisabeth Pfeiff Aug 30, 1888 (called Appeltante)
daughter: Wilhelmine Dec 31, 1893-Jan 3,1975
son: Wilhelm Pfeiff Aug 21,1897 - Sept 24,1951
daughter: Marie Seipp nee Pfeiff, born Aug 2, 1901

Heinrich grew up in Londorf and Katherine in Kesselbach, both small villages near Giessen.

Heinrich's father had been a farmer and stone mason and Katherine's parents had been farmers as well.

They married on February 22, 1885 and lived as farmers in Londorf.

They had 4 daughters and one son. Their eldest daughter died when she was only 6 years old but the other children survived.

All three girls got married with a Karl! Elisabeth married Karl Appel and was therefore called the Appelstante (apple aunt). Wilhelmine, my greatgrandmother married Karl Wissner and Marie, the youngest married Karl Seipp.

Their son Wilhelm later took over the farm but also worked as a former. His wife was called Margarete.

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