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Ernst Ernst Korn

June 22, 1915 - August 28, 2003
Frithjof Korn
Dora Johanna Korn nee Wetendorf
brother: Richard Korn (Dec 25, 1913 - )
profession: advertising specialist (Werbefachmann)

Ernst was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany. He often went swimming and also had a big love for art. As an ambitious young man he wanted to get an education and get ahead but when his father lost his job in 1933 he had to quit school and do an apprenticeship as a typesetter instead. He also took night classes at the art academy in Hamburg and even enrolled in remote classes while having to fight in France during the Second World War.

Anita Anita Korn nee Busch

March 22, 1920 - December 9, 1995
Johann Jakob Busch
Auguste Busch nee Dührkop
sister: Martha zur Linde nee Busch (Dec 22, 1906-1999, married with Friedrich zur Linde on Nov 12, 1929)

Anita was born and raised in Altona, Germany. (now Altona belongs to Hamburg) Her father died when she wasn't even 2 years old. It was a big loss but her mother was a strong woman and so she and her sister Martha had a relatively normal childhood. Anita helped in the grocery store, played piano and loved swimming.

Sometimes they would visit their relatives in Gross Barnitz, Lokfeld or in Rübke. To go there they took the train and then their relatives would wait for them at the train station in their horse carriage.

Anita and Ernst got to know each other during a youth event with dance and music where they fell in love with each other. They got married on October 15, 1942.

wedding Ernst and Anita
ring October 15, 1942

1943 however was a horrible year. During the night of July 24 /25 the building where Anita and her mother had their apartment and shop got bombed out and Anita and her mom only escaped seconds before everything turned into rubble. At first Anita fled with her mother to her sister Martha who lived in Stettin at the time. In October 1943 Ernst became a prisoner of war in Italy and so Anita returned to Altona to work for a wholesaler staying with relatives.

But finally life got better again. Ernst finally came home in the fall of 1945 and they could start a family. They had 2 children, one of which was my father. Anita loved her family and always looked after everyone. She was also very close to her sister Martha throughout all of her life.

After a few years in Hamburg they shortly contemplated immigrating but soon tossed the idea and moved to Wilhelmshaven instead. After 2 years they moved to Duisburg where Ernst was designing advertisement for steel but they really liked Wilhelmshaven and came back to visit many times.

In Duisburg they had a big cherry tree in the garden and Anita baked many delicious cherry cakes. But she will always be best remembered for her even more delicious waffles.

Anita and Ernst loved to travel and often spent their vacation at the beach in Texel or Domburg in the Netherlands.

After Ernst was retired they also went on organised art trips visiting art museums all around Europe.

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