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my grandparents: Engelbert Erbach and Marie Wi▀ner

Engelbert Erbach

May 30, 1916 - Jan 2, 1991
Jakob Erbach
Anna Erbach nee Geis
sister: Magdalena Decker nee Erbach, Dec 26, 1906/7/8 - ca. 1985
brother: Walter Erbach, passed away on Jan 7, 1976?
brother: Hermann Erbach, June 21, 1912 - Feb 11, 1987
profession: postal worker

ring April 5,1947

Marie Erbach nee Wißner

Sept 23, 1924- July 6, 2017
Karl Wißner
Wilhelmine Wißner nee Pfeiff
sister: Elisabeth Körbächer nee Wißner (Feb 18, 1916- July 2, 2001)
brother: Karl Wißner (born May 28, 1920, missing near Stalingrad since Dec 31, 1942)
twin sister: Margarete Wißner (Sept 23, 1924 - Dec 20, 1946)

Engelbert was born and raised in Diez an der Lahn, the youngest of 4 siblings. As a kid he was often sick and missed many days of school. His mother had a general store selling household goods and he wanted to follow in her footsteps. Unfortunately she died of cancer while he was still apprenticing in a grocery store and so he gave up his plans and worked at various other places instead until the war broke out and he was sent to Russia to fight.

When he returned in 1946 he first moved in with his brother Hermann who had moved to a small village called Londorf, close to Giessen in the meantime.

Marie was born and raised in Londorf (now Rabenau-Londorf) , a small village near Giessen. She was also the youngest of 4 siblings. She was a twin but looked very different from her twin sister Margarete. As her father was a part time farmer she helped with the animals as well as the planting and harvesting.

When Engelbert arrived in Londorf he needed to register there and while waiting for his turn he met Marie who was waiting for her turn to bake some bread in the public oven. They started talking and soon after they went collecting beechnuts together and fell in love.
They got married on April 5,1947.

They lived in the house together with Marie's parents.
Engelbert went back to school and finally became a postal worker.
Together they had 3 children, among them my mother.

Engelbert worked at the post office, they raised their kids and they worked in their garden which was around a 10min walk from their house. Marie planted many apple and other fruit trees there. When they finally had no longer any animals Engelbert installed an above ground pool. They spent many happy hours together barbecuing in their garden.

Engelbert loved to buy sweets for my aunt and later for me. And Marie baked the best green jello cream cake in the world!

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