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Gottfried Erbach
March 11, 1830 - Jan 29,1874
father: Georg Erbach
mother: Maria Erbach nee Urban

children from his first marriage:
Gottfried was first married with Katharina Gernand.
With her he had 3 daughters:
daughter Auguste Henriette Erbach, born July 2,1857
daughter Elisabeth Erbach, Nov 2, 1859 - Jan 30, 1878 (?)
daughter Friedericke Magdalena Erbach Sept 1, 1861
After Katharina's death he married Helene and they had one son:

ring Oct 19, 1869

Helene Friedericke Erbach nee Becker
Oct 21, 1838- July 12, 1914
father: Friedrich Becker
mother: Anna Katharina Becker nee Müller

son: Jakob Erbach (Sept 11,1872 - Dec 8, 1940)

Gottfried grew up in Diez. His father Georg was a shoemaker but already died when he was only 6 years old. His mother Maria earned money as a seamstress but also already died when Gottfried was 11. He had at least 2 brothers, one, Wilhelm, was 5 years older and the other, Johann Georg, 3 years younger then him. I don't know who looked after them after the early death of their parents. But probably inspired by his mom, Gottfried became a taylor. He was so successful that he could hire other taylors who worked for him.

He first married Katharina Garland and had three daughters with her. But she already died in November 1868 leaving him with 3 little girls. So a year later he married again.

Helene Friedericke had grown up in Herborn, a place not far from Diez. Her father was a shoemaker like Gottfried's father. She and Gottfried only had one son, my greatgrandfather Jakob. Gottfried passed away when Jakob was only 2 years old.

I have no idea what happened to the taylor shop. But it seems that she could live comfortably. She died in 1914 so she didn't get to know my grandfather but she lived long enough to see his three siblings.

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