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my greatgrandparents: Johannes V Wissner and Elisbaetha Gaul

Johannes V Wissner
Dec 23, 1847 - Sept 4,1909
father: Johannes II Wissner
mother: Margarethe Wißner nee Wißner

ring Jan 19, 1879

Elisabetha Wissner nee Gaul
Oct 7, 1854 - Jan 12,1922
father: unknown
mother: Katharina Gaul

known children:
son: Konrad Wißner (March 23, 1879 -1 March 3, 1950)
daughter: Catherine (May 14, 1881- Aug 20, 1882, born in Paris)
daughter: Elisabeth (Lisa, born on March 2, 1883 in Paris)
daughter: Lina (Jan 2, 1885 - April 14,1900)
son: Heinrich (Feb 14,1888- June 27,1888)
son: Johann (Oct 3, 1889 - July 19, 1910)
son: Karl Wißner (April 13,1892- April 10,1961)
son: Johannes Wißner (Feb 14, 1895 - Sept 23, 1915)

Johannes V Wißner grew up in Londorf (a small village near Giessen) and worked as a day laborer on a farm. Elisabetha was born in Lohra (near the town of Marburg). Her mother Katharina was not married and so we don't know who Elsusabetha's father was and she had also already died by the time Elisabetha got married. When Johannes and Elisabetha got to know each other Elisabetha was working in Lollar. The two got married on January 19, 1879 with Elisabetha already pregnant with their eldest son Konrad. Elisabetha loved her husband dearly.

Shortly after they decided to move to Paris and try their luck there. Two of their daughters, Catherine and Elisabeth were born in Paris. For sure it must have been a great adventure. Paris, the ville d'amour, with the Seine and those impressive churches and high buildings. But unimaginably they lived there before the Eiffel tour was built...

Sometime in 1884 they returned to Londorf, maybe because Paris was in an economic downturn. In Londorf they bought the house that later their son Karl and their granddaughter Marie would also live in (and my mother would grow up in as well). The house had belonged to a baker who immigrated to America who left some of his cook books and utensils there. This might have inspired their eldest son Konrad to become a baker later on.

Johannes worked again in various jobs, on the field or as coachman.

In 1905 their daughter Elisabeth got married with Peter Kräuter and moved to Lollar. They had two children.

On September 4,1909 Johannes died.
In 1910 their son Johann died.

On Feb 4,1911 Konrad got married with Antonie Horn in Giessen, the daughter of the baker where he had apprenticed. He finally also took over the bakery.

World War I broke out and all of Elisabetha's sons had to fight. Unfortunately her son Johannes was killed in France in 1915.

But she also saw her son (and my greatgrandfather) Karl get married with Wilhelmine and still lived to see his first two children as well as the four children of Konrad and the two of her daugther Elisbaeth.

She died on January 12, 1922.

(Several Johannes Wißners as well as Karl Wißners lived in Londorf at the same time. That's why my 2.greatgrandfather was Johannes 5 Wißner, my 3.greatgrandfather was Johannes 2 Wißner and my greatgrandfather was Karl 2 Wißner.)

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