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my 2.greatgrandparents: Heinrich Wetendorf and Anna Catharina Eggers

Heinrich Wetendorf
June 12, 1854- July 14,1933
father: Hinrich Friedrich Wetendorf
mother: Christine Margaretha Wetendorf nee Schmidt

ring May 20, 1883

Anna Catharina Wetendorf nee Eggers
Feb 23,1857 - Sept 5,1925
father: Claus Eggers
mother: Elsabe Eggers nee Brüggen

known children:
son: Johann Heinrich Wetendorf, born April 14,1884
daughter: Minna Catharina Wetendorf, born Dec 14, 1885
son: Carl August Wetendorf, born Dec 30,1887
daughter: Dora Johanna Korn geb. Wetendorf, June 13, 1890- Dec 24, 1947
son: Hans Wetendorf, gardener, July 3, 1894 - Jan 26, 1993, married with Maria Schilling (Jan 18, 1894 - Dec 14, 1961)

Heinrich Wetendorf was born in Süsel (close to Lübeck). He had several siblings: Elise Dorothea Friederike, August Hinrich Friedrich, Maria Friedericke Auguste, Christian Friedrich Wilhelm and Johann Heinrich Christian. Elisa Dorothea Friedericke seems to have married a man with the family name Eggers or Eggert and lived in Hamburg. So maybe she is the connection how my greatgrandmother Dora Johanna and her husband Frithjof met each other. But I don't know. I also don't know anything about Heinrich's other siblings.

Heinrich became a carpenter like his father.

Anna Catharina grew up in Uetersen, a town known for its beautiful roses. Her parents were farmers. I don't know how many siblings Anna Catharina had. It seems that she had at least one brother called Johann who took over the farm from his parents.

After their wedding Heinrich and Anna Catharina first lived for several years in Kesdorf, a small village close to Süsel. Their first 3 kids were all born there. But then they decided to move to Uetersen and so my greatgrandmother Dora Johanna as well as her younger brother Hans were both born there.

Dora Johanna later married in Hamburg and lived there with her husband Frithjof and their kids Richard and Ernst.

I couldn't find out anything about their son Carl August. But the other 3 stayed in Uetersen. Johann Heinrich and Minna operated a smokery together and Hans was a gardener and married to Maria Schilling. During the first world war he was a prisoner of war but was finally able to come home. He lived to be 98 years old.

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