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Johannes Marcus Friedrich Dührkop
March 6, 1855- Nov 28, 1909
father: Hinrich Wilhelm Dührkop
mother: Margaretha Dorothea Johanna Dührkop nee Steffen

ring June 10, 1881

Doris (Dorothea) Maria Magdalena Dührkop nee Dührkop
Oct 26, 1849- Sept 12, 1907
father: Hans Hinrich Friedrich Dührkop
mother: Maria Margaretha Elisabeth Dührkop nee Helms

daughter: Auguste (April 23, 1882 - 1952)
daughter: Metha Dora Margaretha (July 17, 1884)
son: Johannes Wilhelm Fritz Dührkop (April 26, 1890 - Nov 2, 1916)

Johannes Markus grew up in Stubbendorf while his wife Doris Maria Magdalena came from Lokfeld. Both places are in the region of Stormarn. Johannes Marcus became a butcher and they lived in Gross Barnitz. (Today Barnitz comprises Gross Barnitz, Klein Barnitz and Lokfeld.)

Johannes Marcus and Doris had 3 children. Their eldest daughter was Auguste, my greatgrandmother. Their 2. daughter was Meta Dora Margaretha and their son was called Johannes Wilhelm Fritz Dührkop.

The parents of Johannes Marcus were farmers. He had at least 3 brothers.
His eldest brother Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm married Christine Margaretha Dorothea Martens and took over the farm of his parents in Stubbendorf.
His brother Claus Friedrich Christian went to Hamburg and became an auctioneer.
His third brother, Johann Hinrich Friedrich crossed the river Elbe and lived in Altona where he opened a shop (Kolonialwarenhandlung). He was married with Meta Margarethe Dorothea Brodermann (from Wilhelmsburg, now Hamburg-Harburg). Their shop was not far from Johann Jakob Busch's shop so they probably knew each other and they probably introduced my greatgrandparents Auguste and Johann Jakob to each other.

Johann Hinrich Friedrich and Meta Margarethe Dorothea had at least 2 sons, Arthur and Wilhelm. Wilhelm later married Thelka. When Anita, my grandmother, returned to Altona after being bombed out, she lived with them for a while.

I don't know much about Doris (sometimes called Dorothea Maria Magdalena). She grew up in Lokfeld. Her parents were farmers. At least for her mother, Maria Margaretha Elisabeth Helms it was her second marriage. If her father Hans Hinrich Friedrich Dührkop had also been married before I can't say. As her mother had inherited most of the land from her first husband her eldest son from her first marriage inherited the land. But I couldn't find out who her children were or even if she and Hans Hinrich Friedrich had more than one child. What I can say is that Doris and Johannes Marcus had Johann Hinrich Stau, a farmer from Lokfeld as a witness for their wedding and again Johann Hinrich Stau was a witness at the wedding of Doris' and Johannes' daughter Auguste's wedding.

Later Auguste and her daughter Martha with her 4 little kids and possibly also her sister Meta Dora Margaretha fled to Lokfeld. I don't know where they stayed. Maybe with a child of Johann Hinrich Stau?

Auguste's sister Meta Dora Margaretha followed Auguste to Altona after her parents had died and married Wilhelm, the younger brother of Auguste's husband Johann Jakob. They had a son called Willi together who later worked for a bank in the Lüneburger Heide region.

Johannes Wilhelm Fritz, the youngest son of Doris and Johannes married Anni Frieda Witt and lived with her in Steinfeld, a place that is also in the region of Stormarn. He was a farmer but unfortunately died during the 1. world war being only 26 years old.

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