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my 2.greatgrandparents: Carsten Busch and Catharina Meyer

Carsten Busch
Feb 12, 1832 - Mar 29,1915
father: Carsten Busch
mother: Metta Busch nee Suhr
known children:
Carsten Busch was first married with Elisabeth Harms.
With her he had 2 sons:
son: Carsten Busch, born Jan 21, 1866
son: Hinrich Busch, born Nov 10, 1869

ringJuly 12, 1871

Catharina Busch nee Meyer
Sept 11, 1842- June 18, 1888

father: Dietrich Meyer
mother: Anna Meyer nee Hadler

He and Catharina had 2 more sons:
son: Johann Jakob , May 3,1880 - Feb 5, 1922
son: Wilhelm Busch, Jan 7, 1886 - July 31, 1916

Carsten and Catharina lived in a region called "Altes Land" not far from Hamburg. Both Carsten's and Catharina's parents were farmers. The region is still known for their many beautiful fruit trees.

Carsten was born in Ostmoorende. He was first married with Elisabeth Harms and took over her family farm in Rübke. With her he had two sons, Carsten and Hinrich. When Elisabeth died and left him with two little boys he soon got married again.

Catharina Meyer was born in Francop.

With Catharina Carsten had again two boys, Johann Jakob and Wilhelm.

But Catharina also died early. Now his first sons had grown up however and could help on the farm.

Later my grandmother Anita, her sister Martha and their cousin Willy would inherit the farm as all other children of their uncles had died in the war. They then gave the farm to Johannes Heitmann (uncle Hannes and aunt Lene) who had already looked after the farm before.

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