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my 2.greatgrandparents: Karl Geis and Wilhelmine Pistor

Karl Geis
April 23, 1865 - March 4, 1926
father: Hermann Geis
mother: Johannette Karolin Geis nee Deinethal

ring 1883?

Wilhelmine Geis nee Pistor
Jan 20, 1865
father: Johannes Georg Paul Pistor
mother: Maria Katharina Auguste Pistor nee Bühl

known children:
daughter: Anna (July 5, 1883 - July 21, 1932)

Karl Geis grew up in Diez while his wife Wilhelmine came from Holzappel, a small village a bit outside of Diez.

Karl worked as a level-crossing attendant / signalman at the railway. His father had already held the same job.

Karl and Wilhelmine got to know each other and in 1883 their daughter Anna was born.

Unfortunately that's all I know. But I will try to find out more.

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