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Karl Geis
April 23, 1865 - March 4, 1926
father: Hermann Geis
mother: Johannette Karolin Geis nee Deinethal

ring 1883

Wilhelmine Geis nee Pistor
Jan 20, 1865
father: Johannes Georg Paul Pistor
mother: Maria Katharina Auguste Pistor nee Bühl

known children:
daughter: Anna (July 5, 1883 - July 21, 1932)

Karl Geis grew up in Diez while his wife Wilhelmine came from Holzappel, a small village a bit outside of Diez.

Karl worked as a level-crossing attendant / signalman at the railway. His father had already held the same job.

Wilhelmine and Karl got married in 1883 and then their daughter Anna was born.

Unfortunately that's all I know. But I will try to find out more.

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