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June 2023

The origin of the Covid-19 bioweapon and how cults work

The New York Times wrote recently a surprising article on the origin of the Covid-19 bioweapon. It's surprising that a paper like the Times which is heavily influenced by government and pharma advertisement publishes now such "conspiracy theory". I am not sure what the motivation is but it might simply be that pharma and partners in crime think that it is impossible to hold back the truth. Therefore one might as well publish it. There is nothing new in this article but it's still a good read. People without a New York Times subscription can read it at https://archive.is/BoPrc:

New York Times: how the Covid-19 bioweapon came to be, https://archive.is/BoPrc

The Pennsylvania State Senate heared some interesting testimonies as part of their Medical Freedom Panel 2023. It's a long video recording but I did not regret watching it:

Concealing the truth with fake arguments: Readers of this blog know that the Covid-19 shots offered zero protection right from the starts. Prof Norman Fenton published recently a video and an article explaining how the definition of who is vaccinated is the main component that generates the illusion of vaccine efficacy. He takes a vaccine and a placebo which are mathematically exactly equal. He defines vaccinated as two weeks after the shot was given and this is how he gets just under 90% efficacy. It demonstrates how perception can be manipulated with figures and Norman Fenton presents it in layman's terms:

I have always wondered how cults work. I could not understand how people could become a member and support a scheme that is actually harming them. The declared covid-19 pandemic has been an eye opener in this respect. You can make people believe that something is good while the opposite is true. Catchy slogans, censorship and fake science are all important components to keep a cult alive.

Many political movements and dictatorships are based on the same principle. It works. It's something that can function for decades despite the negative impact on its members.

Quite interesting in the context of the last few years are not only those who died as a result of this covid-19 cult but also those who were temporarily disabled. They are still alive, and they can tell their story. I have asked many and the findings are sobering. Only a small percentage understands what happened. Very few make a connection between their problems and the covid-19 shots. This is especially the case for older people. The propaganda and brainwashing works well.

I know an artist who ended up in a wheelchair in 2021. Her doctor has a name for her condition but he does not tell her why she ended up in the wheelchair, and therefore she does not know what happened. She recovered after months of suffering. I have an aunt who lost the vision on one eye just days after a booster. She does not want to see the connection. She thinks it's a tragic event, and this can happen. She still thinks that everybody should get a shot "to protect the community" and she does not want to consider the possibillty that everything was just marketing and lies. I know an older man who was active and normal prior to 2021 but fell into a state of Alzheimer's within weeks of the booster shot.

These cases made me curious, and I started to ask many old people how they are doing. They are willing to share their stories. Very interesting stories. They did not have a gradual decline. They suffered small strokes or a sudden onset of vision problems. They suffered sudden severe headaches, the sudden onset of arthritis. Sudden neurological problems including brain-fog and tremors. Some people suffered from sudden autoimmune conditions akin to MS. None of them make a connection to something that was sold to them as "safe and effective". One old lady had a seizure suffered severe physical injury when she got the actual infection. It confirmed to her that Covid-19 is dangerous. She does not know that this is an overreaction of her immune system and it would have never happened without the covid-19 shots. Despite the complete ineffectiveness of those shots and despite their own suffering, they are often grateful to have received the "protective vaccine".

It's astounding. We have a long way to go.

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