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June without mosquitos?

This May and June was very wet and it created ideal conditions for mosquitos. I have plated Mint, Tansi and Oregano all around the patio because mosquitos don't like to sit in those plants. It's helps a bit but eventually they will find you and with these weather conditions it's not just one mosquito. It goes like this: One mosquitos, there, I caught it, oh a second one, bang it's dead, two more. No, now it's 3, 4, 5... and I am running inside.

It's the first sunny day after a long period of rain and I can't even enjoy it, let alone do some work in the garden.
Here some pictures of our local mosquitos:

mosquito mosquito mosquito

Over the years I have tried different kinds of bug sprays, insect lamps and candles, ... it's all money for nothing. It does not offer much protection. Finally I have however found something that works.

The solution: a powerful fan

This works really well: Put a big fan 6-8 feet away from you and let it blow towards you. The mosquitos will still be there but they seem confused. They will come and hover near the flow of air but finally fly off. Very few will actually find you and attack. If you are vigilant then you will be able to kill those few mosquitos that make it to you.

It's very good if you plan to work in one spot in the garden, e.g at a flower bed. You have to do some preparation and run the extension cable to have power for the fan but you can finally work without being attacked from all sides. It's also great if you just want to sit outside and enjoy the first sun rays.

As a proof of concept I tried first an old broken oscillating fan and once I saw that this really works I bought a big and powerful 18inch fan:
a small test fan a big 18inch fan

If you got bitten anyhow: try ascorbic acid solution externally

After trying for many years different remedies against the itch and the swelling I have found something that works really well. A solution of ascoribic acid in water, see Anti itch medicine, remedies and recipes for details.

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