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June 2022

AfterBite version 2

AfterBite is a commercial product meant to give you some relief from itching mosquito bits. It's quite expensive given that the active ingredient of the original AfterBite is just a tiny bit of diluted Ammonia (NH3) solution. You can make your own AfterBite for just pennies.

There is however, a problem: AfterBite works on symptoms only. It does not support healing. It actually makes it worse. The insect bites itches even more after a while because ammonia inflames the area more and you need to apply more AfterBite to get some relief. You become dependent on this stuff and ammonia is actually a liver toxin. It's bad for you health.

Substances that support your body would be much better.

Ascorbic acid solution works well: Dissolve a tea spoon full of ascorbic acid (pure vitamin C powder) in a glass of water and put some of it in a little spray bottle. Apply the spray to the mosquito bites. It helps to reduce the itching and swelling. Ascorbic acid supports as an antioxidant the healing process, and the mosquito bites heal faster. I have used this for the last 5 years.

Just recently, I discovered an absolutely amazing remedy: Moxidectin gel. I discovered this when I had a bad mosquito bite and nothing else at hand. The Quest Gel (brand name of a Moxidectin gel) is a transparent gel with some amount of benzyl alcohol and water in it. I thought that this would give a bit of relief by cooling the mosquito bite. I put a bit of the Quest Gel onto the mosquito bite and it felt immediately less itchy. It was already a big red bump when I applied the moxidectin gel, and I was amazed to see the bump disappear within hours. I don't know why it works, but it's not just the mild cooling effect. It must be the active ingredient, Moxidectin, that does the trick.

Quest Gel, Moxidectin

So here is my AfterBite version 2 and I personally have great success with it:

Try it. The mosquito bites stop itching and the bumps will disappear within hours.

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