os_mint.txt - html version

os_mint.txt - html version

*os_mint.txt*   For Vim version 5.3.  Last modification: 1997 Apr 13

		  VIM REFERENCE MANUAL    by Jens M. Felderhoff

This file contains the particularities for the Atari MiNT version of Vim.

For compiling Vim on the Atari running MiNT see "INSTALL" and "Makefile"
in the src directory.

Vim for MiNT behaves almost exactly like the Unix version.
The Unix behavior described in the documentation also refers to the
MiNT version of Vim unless explicitly stated otherwise.

For wildcard expansion of <~> (home directory) you need a shell that
expands the tilde. The vanilla Bourne shell doesn't recognize it.
With csh and ksh it should work OK.

The MiNT version of vim needs the termcap file /etc/termcap with the
terminal capabilities of your terminal. Builtin termcaps are
supported for the vt52 terminal. Termcap entries for the TOSWIN window
manager and the virtual console terminals have been appended to the
termcap file that comes with the Vim disrribution.

If you should encounter problems with swapped <BS> and <Del> keys, see

Because terminal updating under MiNT is often slow (e.g. serial line
terminal), the 'showcmd' and 'ruler' options are default off.
If you have a fast terminal, try setting them on.  You might
also want to set 'ttyfast'.

Send bug reports to

	Jens M. Felderhoff, e-mail: <jmf@infko.uni-koblenz.de>

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