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Calendula, Ringelblume
Calendula flower
"Ringelblumensalbe" from the Bahnhof Apotheke
Calendula contains many antioxidants and is extremely effective in treating wounds and other skin problems. You can grow good quality calendula flowers in your garden and I have made calendula oli by grinding calendula flowers in a little boil with olive oil.

To buy a good quality ointment is not so easy. Many commercially pushed calendula creams contain low concentrations of calendula and a lot of preservatives. The best calendula ointment I have ever found is "Ringelblumensalbe" from The Bahnhof Apotheke in Kempten, Germany: They have an online shop and ship world wide but the online shop is only in German.

The "Ringelblumensalbe" from Bahnhof Apotheke is a Lanolin based ointment and it is excellent for babys with diapers. It cures skin irritations very quickly.

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