Guido Socher

Mother nature's medicine

Too often we just go to the pharmacy buy some product and use it without really looking at alternatives. When I am buying technical equipment I do often research for several weeks before I decide what to use. I started to do that also for food and some health care products. There are truly amazing natural alternatives. Nature provides everything you need for a healthy life. You just have to learn about it. Of course not everything that sounds "green" is good. There are a lot of people who make up a story and sell some strange oil for a lot of money. This page is here to share my experiences with you. Modern science has always tried to isolate the one pure substance that "causes the effect". We have isolated penicillin and a few years later we find that bacteria becomes resistant.

Natural medical anti-pathogens such a, plants and bee products, may contain a few substances at higher concentrations than others but all those plants and bee products consist of many different biochemicals.

This is the secret as to why bacteria have difficulties to become resistant against those natural anti-pathogens. It is easy for a bacteria to evolve around a single line of defense such as pure penicillin but it is impossible to circumvent a whole array of different defense lines with different properties.

Once you have understood this you will also understand why it is important to use the whole plant and not just an extract with a single pure substance.

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