Edward Maxwell downtown Montreal residence, 312 Peel Street

Edward Maxwell's downtown Montreal residence was at 312 Peel Street. This would be today 3480 Peel Street, now a 70s style condo tower. His house was one in a group of 3 houses all designed by the Edward Maxwell. The other 2 houses are fortunately still standing. All 3 houses used to have a view from the upper levels of the house towards the river.

Aerial view of the upper part of Peel street, 1947, E. Maxwell residence marked in orange, source: Archives de la Ville de Montreal
google satellite photo of what would be now 3480 Peel steet, 2019
3484 Peel street as seen in google street view, 2012. Edward Maxwell's residence would have stood on the left side of the photo where you see today a bit of grass and the high-rise.
Drawing of the Edward Maxwell home, downtown Montreal, 312 Peel Street (later 3480 Peel Street), demolished in 1975 to make room for a condo tower. Source: http://cac.mcgill.ca/Maxwells/ images/184.0a.JPG


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