The Story of Abbé François-Saturnin Lascaris d'Urfé

For the unveiling of the cairn near Pointe Caron on Sunday, June 25, 1961, a brochure with a newspaper sized insert was made available. It contained a detailed schedule and historic background information about François d'Urfé, the missionary.

The event on June 25 involved a 15 min radio broadcast during the morning. I have contacted the archives of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to see if they still have the tapes. Those tapes have unfortunately been lost or were never archived.

You can click on the small pictures below to read each page of the brochure (click and then zoom-in).

front cover
the inside of the brochure
inside: right side of the folder
the back of the folder
the newspaper insert, front page
the newspaper insert, first page
the newspaper insert, second page
the newspaper insert, third page

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