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The Baie-D'Urfe Municipal Council, 1911 to date

Vivian de V. Dowker
Fred J. Shaw
John Watterson. We do not have any picture of John Watterson and there is no surviving descendent. We do have his signature.
Erastus W. Wilson. Drawing by artist Danielle Brabander. Based on a newspaper photo.
Lieutenant-Colonel Walter Maughan. Drawing by artist Danielle Brabander. Based on a newspaper photo.
Erastus W. Wilson (left most, seated), Dr. A. Howard Pirie (seated, lighting the fire), Walter Maughan (center, seated), Charles J. Smith (seated to the right of Walter Maughan), source: Montreal Star, June 1941
Charles J. Smith
Charles J. Smith dies in 88th year, the Gazette Nov. 2, 1949
Dr. A. Howard Pirie
William Frederick McBride
William Frederick McBride
Fred W. Case
Joseph Wilfred Jean Gélinas
W. Harvey Cruickshank
Thomas Roche Lee
meeting at town hall, 1960: left to right: C.W. Johnstone, Mayor Lee, D.H. Gale, W.R. Pritchard, T.P. Boyle, H.G. Campbell, source: N&V May 1960
Lars J. Firing
A. Clark Graham
David H. Kennedy
Outgoing council, Nov. 5, 1978: left to right - sitting: Art Shama, Lionel Groome, Mayor David H. Kennedy, Anne Myles, Michael Harper, standing - l. to r.: Earle Moore, Les Tait, town manager A.W. Dancey, source: N&V Dec. 1978
New council, Nov. 5, 1978: left to right and top to bottom: Mayor David H. Kennedy, Ross Common, Arthur J. Shama, Michael Harper, Lionel H. Groome, Harold Elgee, Anne Myles, source: N&V 1978
Anne Myles
Council in 1984, printed for 60s anniversary of the West Island Chronicle
Maria Tutino
Council Nov. 2005, left to right: Janet Ryan, Chuck (Charles) Colomb, Mayor Maria Tutino, Kim Millette, Linda Phelps, Huguette Tomassin, missing: Wayne Belvedere, source: N&V Nov. 2005
Council Dec 2013: in the front of the table, left to right: Linda Phelps, Charles Colomb, Michel Beauchamp, Peter Fletcher, Janet Ryan, Brian Manning, in the center: Mayor Maria Tutino, source: Robert Frank, The Suburban
Council photo, June 2020
Heidi Ektvedt, photo by Frans Lecluse
Council photo, January 2021
Council photo, November 2021
Council as of Nov. 2021, photo Jan. 2022

Baie-D'Urfé Mayors

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NameMayor from-toYear born-diedLived at
Vivian de V. Dowker1911 - 19171865 - 1923Cedar Croft, 20758 Lakeshore
Fred J. Shaw1917 - 1925? - 1928?
John Watterson1925 - 19311865 - 194220331/20329 Lakeshore
Erastus W. Wilson1931 - 19331889 - 194420138 Lakeshore
Walter Maughan1933 - 1935 and 1939 - 1941 and 1943 - 19451876 - 196120190 Lakeshore
Charles J. Smith1935 - 19391862 - 194920010 Lakeshore and 20026 Wilson Pl.
MD Alexander Howard Pirie1941 - 19431876 - 194420475 Lakeshore (Fritz, manager's house)
William Fred McBride1945 - 19471886 - 195320726 Gay Cedars Drive (then a house on Lakeshore with a long driveway), note that his son Robert F. McBride lived at 20804 Lakeshore
Frederic Wolfe Case1947 - 19531893 - 196820746 Gay Cedars Drive (then a house on Lakeshore with a long driveway)
Jean Gélinas1953 - 1955?20386 Lakeshore
MD William Harvey Cruickshank1955 - 19571912 - 198721082 Lakeshore (today Tadja Hall in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue but this area used to be Baie-D'Urfe until 1964)
Thomas Roche Lee1957 - 19611915 - 19773 Lakeview and then Field House, 20625 Lakeshore
Lars J. Firing1961 - 19651925 - 200732 Sunny Acres
Andrew Clark Graham1965 - 19771919 - 19932 Morgan Road
David H. Kennedy1977 - 19831930 - 1986706 Westchester Drive
Anne Myles1983 - 2002Still livingNot shown for privacy reasons
Maria Tutino2005 - 2020Still livingNot shown for privacy reasons
Heidi Ektvedt2020 - Still livingNot shown for privacy reasons

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