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Boo! Play ghost with Gini and Karl

Gini and Karl want to play Boo! with you, a hide and seek game! At the beginning all three of you are in the library and all three of you have 3 coins. Now the game starts. It's your turn first. By clicking on a room you (red circle) are hiding there. Gini (pink circle) and Karl (blue circle) will also go into a new room. If they come into your room you loudly shout "Boo!" and the one that you could frighten will give you a coin. Otherwise no coins are exchanged. Next it is Gini's turn. Click on the room you want to hide in. If Gini hides in the room she will shout "Boo!" at you and you have to give her a coin. Next it's Karl's turn and then yours again. If one player has no more coins left the game is over and the one who has collected the most coins has one! Have fun playing!
Gini's room
science lab
dining room


Karl's room
computer play room
living room

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