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Multimix City

It's a wonderful here in Multimix City. Our current temperature is .

[Multimix City]

Well, what can I tell you about Multimix City? It's my city, it's a place I really love to live in.

Multimix City is the biggest city of Squirisia. As you might already guessed from its name, many of the first people to settle here were actually squirrels. Today there are still many squirrels here but there are many other species too. They come from all over the world.

To the west we live close to the sea and to the east high mountains stretch over the vast land which otherwise is mostly covered with forests, lakes and rivers. So you see our landscape is as diverse as our people.

Our climate is warm and sunny in summer but cold with lots of snow but still sunny in winter.

Multimix City has a lively and buzzing arts and cultural scene. There is a lot of interesting architecture to be seen, fashion was reinvented here during the last ten years and with inhabitants coming from all over the world our food has something tasty to offer for everyone.

Of course the tech industry plays an important role in Multimix City. Many people are busy inventing ever new and amazing gadgets.

With a low crime rate and so much to see and do tourism is big too. In fact there are many industries here, from manufacturing to financial services, you can find everything here.

We value our environment a lot. Luckily because there is so much water here it's easy to fullfill all our energy needs with water energy and a little wind and sun energy. It's easy to get around as we have plenty of public transport.

In summer people enjoy all kinds of water sports from swimming to canoeing to surfing and sailing while in winter skiing, tobagganing (sledding) and ice hockey top the list of sportive activites.

There are also all sorts of festivals all over the year. In the summer there are many musical events, free concerts and theatre and dance performances in parks. In the fall we have a big fruit festival while in winter and spring the museums always hold some surprises for visitors. There is always an art exhibition in town that you haven't seen yet. Of course in winter we are famous for our snow festivals with lots of beautiful ice sculptures to be admired.

We all live peacefully together. Probably our secret for this is that we all share some values no matter how different we are otherwise. Those values are non negotiable and if you don't share them you are asked to either adapt or leave and you are made to leave if you don't adapt. Among those values that we prize very highly are individualism, equality of the sexes, freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of science. The liberty to be who and what we are, is realy very important so we are very tolerant of other opinions and ways of living. Nobody needs to share my opinion or my taste. The same goes for you. Nobody needs to share your opinion or passion. It is still valid. We are very respectful. It's really live and let live. We all value that we are free to be like we want to be, to be who we are. We try to be supportive of each other. And we never ever tolerate any violence.

All people, women and men are treated as equals and we take this very seriously. That all people are treated equally is a prerequisite for living harmoniously together.

That's what makes Multimix City such a wonderful place. It's a place where you can try things out and fail without being judged. And most of all it's a place where you can make friends easily, can laugh with them and just enjoy life. It's beautiful to be here.

Our standard of living is very high and we only pay very low taxes even though we spend a lot of money on parks and nature and other projects we deem important. This is possible because we have eliminated almost all spending on the so called helping industry. No social workers roam our streets as we found that our citizens don't need any nannies to force their ways on everyone else. Our citizens are fully responsible for themselves.
That's also the reason why we don't need to spend that much on health care. We have excellent doctors but our citizens only use them when they need special procedures like surgeries they can't do themselves. Our medicine is as much as possible herb based. It's not just good for our expenditures but also for the environment and most of all for the well-being of everyone.

We do have special job centers where people can go if they need to find a job but can't find any. There they are matched to courses to bring their skills up to speed and/or to special projects where they can get work experience so that they become valuable to employers. We stronly believe that money given by the government should be earnt and only pay social security for people if they are sick and only for the period that they are sick. We think that everyone should live as free and independant as possible and by living by money hand outs people only start to resent the system.

We also have a very modern school system. There is a small core that everyone needs to learn - basic math and science concepts, basic computer programming, reading, writing and language skills. This is done through computer programs which take into account how each student individually learns best. The students practise on the computer but also have a learning fascilitator nearby they can asked for help if needed. But then every student chooses different projects they can do. They can either follow a given project or create their own. That's where the learning fascilitators really come in. They overlook all these projects, make sure the material that is needed is available and help the students learn and reach their goals. To create this system was anything but easy. Many of the former teachers proved not prepared for doing it even after special training. A lot of people got angry at first as they thought the students would just have a lazy time. But now that this system is in place for some time and people see that the results are outstanding they are very much in favour of the system. And needless to say that the students like it much more too as school isn't a chore anymore but an exciting place to engage. For students who still don't like to go to school we still allow homeschooling. They have to go through the computer programs for the core skills but otherwise are free to choose what they want to learn.

We have also reformed our university system. Students don't study for a degree anylonger. They go to university and enroll only in those courses that they want to study. Some only take 2 or 3 courses before starting to work while others take a 100. Often people also come back for courses that they need for a career change or to stay up to date with their skills. It really has proven as being a much better system. Students really think about what skills they need for the work they want to do. And professors are forced to come down from their ivory tower and offer courses that are relevant to students. They get some money to do research but otherwise they are paid by the students. Each professor can offer his or her course for a prize s/he chooses and students can decide which professor they want.

We also have a free and diverse press. Politicians don't try to influence what is written and different opinions are encouraged. As it has proven to stiffle free speech we don't want any political correct opinions but want to hear what people really think. If we can't discuss opinions openly we can also not discuss problems openly which would then hinder the progress of finding good and workable solutions.

[Multimix City]

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