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hawthorn (crataegus)


how to grow:

Hawthorn is a thorny deciduous tree that can be grown from seeds. But it takes several years until it bears fruits and even longer until it can be used as a hedge. It is hardy in US zone 5-9.
Rosemary Gladstar mentions however that she replanted hawthorn into her US hardy zone 3 garden in Vermont from California (zone 8) so wherever you live just give this wonderful tree a chance. It is said to be able to live to more than 100 years old.
To reach this old age however it needs to be protected from rabbits who like to eat it in the winter.

medicinal properties

Hawthorn is good for the heart and helps to restore normal heart function. It opens the arteries and widens the blood vessels, treats inflammation of the cardiac muscular tissue, strengthens the heart muscle, corrects irregular heartbeat, etc. when taken regularly.

Hawthorn contains bioflavonoids, antioxidants and procyanidins which help the heart.

It can also lower high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels if taken long term. For the lowering of blood pressure it can be used together with yarrow.

As it helps to increase your oxygen uptake and the circulation of your blood it also improves your memory and concentration.

To prepare a tea take 2 teaspoonfull of the berries for a cup of hot boiling water and let it steep for 20 minutes.

The tea can also be prepared with berries, leaves and flowers. And combined with St. John's wort, lemon balm and oats it also makes a great tea to remedy grief and deep sadness.

cautions and possible side effects:


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