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black eyed Susan (rudbeckia hirta)

black eyed susan

how to grow:

A very beautiful herb, black-eyed Susan can be grown from seeds and the plants are hardy in US zones 3-10. They are said to be biennial but come back in our garden every year. They attract butterflies and bees and other pollinator insects.

medicinal properties:

Native Americans have used the roots to make an infusion of black-eyed Susan to boost their immune system and to help fight the symptoms of cold and flu.

Prepared as a warm infusion they also used it as a wash for sores and swellings and to treat worms in children.

As a poultice they also used it for snake bites.

The juice of the roots was used by native Americans for earaches.

Some sources say that back eyed Susan can be used for the same ailments as echinacea as it has similar medicinal qualities.

black eyed susan black eyed susan

cautions and possible side effects:

black eyed susan black eyed susan
black eyed susan black eyed susan


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