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In early October 2015 we visited Toronto, Canada's biggest city.

We started our tour in the university district which looks very nice, green and calm.

As expected there are many skyscrapers in downtown Toronto.

The much lauded St Lawrence food market was a disappointment, nothing there that we couldn't find somewhere else as well for a much better price.

But because of this detour we discovered the Redpath museum, a museum inside the Redpath surgarcane factory. There is a Redpath museum in Montreal so when we saw the sign we became curious to know if there was any connection to Montreal. It turned out there was. The Redpath family started out with their sugarcane business in Montreal in 1854 and in 1882 the redpath museum in Montreal was given to McGill University as a gift. In the late 1950s they opened the refinery in Toronto and in 1980 the plant in Montreal closed. The museum in Toronto is really very interesting. If you are interested in learning about sugar refining as well as about the history of Montreal and Toronto and the people who shaped it, this is the place to go. Definitively worth seeing!
A big thanks to Mr Richard Feltoe, the curator of the museum, who let us in even though it was long past the regular visting hours! Your museum is awsome!

We continued our tour along the waterfront. Water and more skyscrapers.

Here you can see Toronto's landmark building: the CN tower.

Finally we ended the day with a visit of the aquarium.

The next morning before returning home we quickly went to The Beaches, a very nice area even though it was quite windy while we were there.

Good bye, Toronto. Until next time. :)

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