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Let it snow

Winter in Canada is long. Usually we have the first snow in November or December.

And in most years we can enjoy a white Christmas.

Kids like lying in the snow making snow angels:

January and February are the 2 months with the most snow.

It's the best time for winter sport activities.

It's also nice to just walk in the snow and enjoy the white landscape.

When it was cold enough for several days it is even possible to walk over the ice. (Okay, squirrels can even run over thin ice without danger much earlier)

In summer you can take a ferry that connects Hudson and Oka. In winter for a few days or even a few weeks it is possible to go directly by car over "the ice bridge".

Despite all the cold there are usually very nice and beautiful snow festivals all around Montreal. Of course this year they were cancelled because of covid.

Sometimes we get some ice rain.

And there are usually some icicles hanging from some roofs.

Sometimes the snow is also good for building snowmen.

And after each new snow storm we need to clear the snow.

In downtown Montreal the snow clearing transports the snow out of the city and to the suburbs as there is not enough space to put all the snow without narrowing the streets and sidewalks too much. So there are hugh piles of snow in the suburbs that take until summer to melt away completely.

While I prefer summer and all the carefreeness that comes with it I also love the beautiful white winter landscape.

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