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Prince Edward Island

In the afternoon we arrived on Prince Edward Island. From the plane we could already see the beautiful red beaches there. We drove to our B&B which was located in North Milton and then went directly to a beach that was called Brackley Beach. It really looked very nice there. And believe it or not, even though the date already was the first of May, we saw some ice-floes in the water!

Our host recommended to go to Cavendish and have a look at the beaches there.

As we had only seen a small part of Brackley beach we decided to go there again. There was a very nice lighthouse but otherwise the first part of the beach was definitively the best. In the evening we drove to Charlottetown and walked there a bit along the waterfront. It's very nice there.

It was raining all day but still we had a great day. We walked along two beaches close to the Confederation Bridge. This is the bridge that connects Prince Edward Island with New Brunswick. And those were the beautiful beaches that we saw from the plane! Those beaches were rather small compared to the others but with the red sand I found them very beautiful!

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