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Nova Scotia

May 5, 2004

After taking a very early flight we already arrived in the morning in Nova Scotia and started our tour Evangeline Trail-Lighthouse route. We drove from Halifax to Annapolis Royal along the Evangeline Trail. The coast was very rocky and everything looked very rural. It's amazing how different the landscape was from Prince Edward Island even though the two are not that far apart!

May 6, 2004

Our B&B in Annapolis Royal really was great. It's called Queen Ann's Inn and indeed I kind of felt like a queen there!!!

Before we continued on the Evangeline trail and later on the Lighthouse route we walked a bit through Annapolis Royal. Really a very nice little place!
We also visited the historic gardens there. It's incredible how much the vegetation there is behind places in e.g. Europe or the west coast of Canada in spring time!

May 7, 2004

That day we mostly spent in a national park. It was called Seaside Adjunct Kejimkujik National Park. There we walked for a long time along a round path. Finally we came to a place where we could see seals and we also found a very beautiful sandy beach. Admittedly the seals were really hard to spot at first as they had exactly the colour of the stones. If our nice B&B host hadn't told us about them we had never ever spotted them at all!

If you look closely you can spot the seals on the photo:

The lighthouse route was definitvely much more interesting than the Evangeline trail! We continued our tour to Halifax and stopped several times at very picturesque places. Especially Lunenburg and it's academy building was worth seeing!

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