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Due to Guido's work we spent six weeks in Ireland in the summer of 2006. Well, to be honest I didn't fall in love with Dublin. While it is a city that certainly has some tourist appeal I am sure I wouldn't want to live there forever.


Because of so many traffic restrictions it's easier to get fresh fruit by real horse power!

Phoenix Park:

Luckily we went on some excursions during the weekends where we could see some other parts of Ireland.

For some reason I cannot explain I liked Connemara best. The landscape somehow looked bizarre to me with its scanty and poor soil and stones and I loved the long sandy beach. There it looked like I had imagined Ireland:

Another time we went to the area of Youghal. There were long beaches again, not so pure like in Connemara but with the horses quite like you expect it from Ireland:

On our route from Dublin to Youghal we came across the region of Wexford. The weather wasn't that good there and so the beach was empty and had something of the atmosphere of the adventure stories I read as a child.

On our last excursion we went to Dingle which is one of the rings of Kerry. It had some of that bizarre beauty again and was fascinating with it's cliffs and narrow roads.

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