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Montréal - Gaspé and back

This summer we went to Gaspé. On the way we came by the Montmorency Falls near Quebec City: montmorency falls montmorency falls

The falls are very impressive. They are totally different from the Niagara Falls though. The Montmorency Falls are in fact even a bit higher but at the bottom no boats can go, it is totally shallow there, we even saw a man fishing there with only his legs in the water. You arrive at the bottom of the falls and look up all the way to the powerful water pouring down! There is a staircase you can walk up and then there is a suspension bridge over the falls that you can cross so that you can see the falls from all kinds of different angles and perspectives. I really liked the falls, they are so powerful.

A bit outside of Gaspé we had rented a very nice cottage. We just needed to climb down some rather steep stairs and jump over some tree trunks to enjoy a sandy beach.

view from cottage on beach view from cottage on beach

We went hiking in Forillon Nation Park and went to the Mont Alban Tour. It's a nice hiking tour mostly through forest. And then at the top of the hill there is a wooden tour from which we had a magificient view in all directions. The landscape of the Gaspésie region is really very very beautiful indeed!

mont st alban mont st alban

There is lot of wildlife. We even spotted some whales while resting on the beach. They are amazing but unfortunately were a bit too fast for our cameras. But while driving we came across a spot with a beaver. It's fascinating to see how they steer with their tail while swimming!


Penouille beach is a wonderful sandy beach where you can walk for hours!

penouille beach

On our way we came across lots of seals. Aren't they cute?

seal seal

And finally a picture of the St Lawrence river even though no photo can capture the real beauty and wideness of this stream!

st lawrence river

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