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Dinosaurs in Drumheller, Alberta

The Tyrell museum in Drumheller, Alberta exhibits the largest dinosaur fossil collection in Canada.

Canadian Badlands

Here we were in the Canadian Badlands in Alberta. The landscape is rather dry with not much vegetation but surely looks interesting. A sign on the Badlands interpretive trail informed us that "each layer of rock in the hills around you represents a geological story from the past. Sands deposited in large rivers are preserved as whitish sandstones. Deposited by flood waters, silt and mud now appear as grey-to-brown siltstones and mudstones. Plant material that accumulated in ancient swamps decayed and was compressed to form the visible black bands of coal. Chemical reactions in the buried sediments formed the hard, reddish-browm to purplish-black ironstones."

And finally,yes Alberta really does have oil.

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