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A relaxing holiday in Denmark

In the winter and spring of 2007 I was sick with cold extremely often. Barely had I recovered from one cold the next sneezing would already start... So I needed a place to relax and get healthy once more. Denmark really proved to be the right place for this. We had rented a vacation home with an indoor pool and a sauna and that together with long walks at the beach restored my health and made me strong enough to get through the next winter "unharmed".

On the first day we drove until Kolding. Our hotel was close to the sea. There the sea was very calm.

We walked a bit along the sea. Was this Petzi's ship? ;)

Around 12 o'clock the next day we left Kolding and drove through rural Denmark to Henne Strand where we had lunch. Henne Strand is a very nice and long sandy beach:

Later we went on and drove to Klitmøller, our destination. The beach directly there is not so nice. But if you drive 5 to 10 minutes along the sea in either direction you come to very nice beaches.

It's interesting to see how the beach can change from day to day. There were days when it was almost a pebble beach while then again it returned to be a long sandy beach. Also depending on the wind the north sea was very wild or totally calm and quiet. The north sea is much wilder than we knew it from the Netherlands and Germany. And often it was very windy which makes it quite cold there, even when it's still August or September! So don't forget to bring your winter coat if you want to enjoy the beauty of the Danish landscape!

On one day we made an excursion to Agger Haven where I'd already been on holiday as a teenager:

Another excursion brought us to Skagen, where the North and the Baltic Sea meet. If you look carefully you can even see there that the North sea side is the wilder one!

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