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December 2021

Vitamin D for a strong immune system and good general health

When I was a kid, the general medical narrative was that vitamin D is for bone health. Today we know that vitamin D has many more functions and higher levels are required for a well functioning immune system.

Dr. John Campbell published recently a new lecture on this subject called Vitamin D levels advised, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5g9AVqRsjo.

In our family we use standard 1000iu tablets during the winter. Adults take multiple tablets, kids get 1/2 a tablet. Like many tablets they consist mostly of microcrystalline cellulose. A white, paper like substance. However, kids don't really like that paper taste of the cellulose. Vitamin D3 should be taken in the morning because this vitamin is naturally associated with sunlight. It signals to your body that it is daytime. The kids not liking those cellulose tablets have often "postponed" their tablets or forgotten them somehow. I have recently discovered vitamin D3 Gummies. Now they are looking forward to getting their vitamin D3! ....Even adults like the gummies....

D3 Gummies, 500iu and standard D3 tablets, 1000iu
Tablet and gummie side by side.
ingredient list, click picture to read

Vitamin D3 is a fat soluable vitamin and best taken with food containing fat (e.g butter, joghurt, ...).

For european readers: 1000iu D3 = 25μg D3 (25 microgramm or 25ug).

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