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July 2023

Understanding the pharma business model

Any business is just a group of people tying to sell products and services at the highest profit. It's not the business that decides if a given product is good. It's the customer. Good products are bought while bad ones remain on the shelf. The purpose of marketing is to make customers believe that bad products are good. This way some customers will buy these bad products. Customers might be unaware of good products at the beginning but in the long run those products don't need any marketing at all. They will just sell because people like the products and the information spreads by word of mouth. This is how it works.

If you give a pharma company a problem and tell them to solve it they will prefer to solve it with a vaccine. Why is that?

Contrast that with some medication that is only given to cure sick people: The business advantages of vaccines are pretty obvious! The problem is however that most vaccines are quackery rather than medicine. Censorship, propaganda, manipulation of our perception of reality, political bribes and advertisement are therefore needed to keep this lucrative business model going.

Good to know: The US is pharma's most profitable country and it shows. The USA spent during covid $6 TRILLION in order to have 4xMORE deaths than the world average. It's all about profits and it has nothing to do with your health:

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