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How to open a jar easily without damaging it

Jar lids are often very hard to open because there is a vacuum inside the jar that pulls down the lid and increases the friction. Once the vacuum is gone it is quite easy to open a jar. Here is an idea for little homemade wooden tool that can be used to lift the lid just a tiny bit to get air into the jar. You don't need to bend the lid a lot or deform it. Just lifting it up as high as a paper is thick is enough to get the air into the jar and remove the vacuum.

It works very well and you are not damaging the jar lid. You can re-use the jar to make your own pickles or jams. It will still seal properly.

the home made jar opener
the home made jar opener
The home made jar opener, top view and bottom view.

the jar opener in operation
the jar opener in operation
The jar opener in operation. You hear a little pop and the vacuum is gone. After that you put the opener aside and the lid turns really easily. Super easy.

dimensions in mm
Critical dimensions of the jar opener, units: mm (millimeter)

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