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Nettle spinach

There are a number of plants that are extremely easy to grow and we discard them often as "weeds" simply because they are too inexpensive and too common to be of high value. A big mistake! Most of them contain more beneficial nutrients than the expensive greenhouse salad from the supermarket. I had previously written about Dandelion Salad and I still love it.

Another easy to grow plant is Nettle. Common stinging Nettle grows well in soils with high nitrogen content such as fresh compost. Nettle stings you when you touch it with bare hands but it is easy to handle with normal gardening gloves. I decided this year to grow a row of Nettle plants around the salad patch. It protects the salad well against rabbits and ground hogs that we have here in the area.

common stinging Nettle

Most people seem to use Nettle in order to make teas but you can actually eat it. Common stinging Nettle does not sting anymore when cooked and it is similar to spinach in consistency and taste.

Here is a delicious and easy to make Nettle dish. You need:
Nettle spinach with smoked meat

Wash a bunch of freshly picked Nettle and cut it into smaller pieces. Leave out the harder bottom stems of the Nettle plant but use all the leaves. Cook it with two or three spoon full of water in a pot with lid. The water will cause the heat to distribute quickly and evenly. Add a bit of cream and some smoked meat.

The dish is ready in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Great tasting health food that is expensive and easy to grow.

Make sure you let one Nettle grow to maturity to allow it to produce seeds. Just let the seeds fall on the ground and you will again have an abundance of Nettle plants next year.
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