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A little known jewel of the internet: neocities.org

At the dawn of the internet we used to surf from homepage to homepage and I think it used to be a much better and more interesting internet than today. Today most people have abandoned their own homepages and moved to facebook where they get all the "social tools" in addition to a simple home page.

But we know what the price is: All our data is in just one hand, standardized and ready for the analytics guys to use. It's not about "I have nothing to hide". It's about "here is my data, go and used it against me".

It's fun to learn HTML, a few simple HTML tags can make a very useful web page. I know a few people who wanted to give it a try but are put off by the hosting costs. However very few people seem to know about https://neocities.org/. It's free! Create your own homepage, create a site for a local day-care, whatever club you are a member of or even a small company homepage. If you know already how to make web sites then teach your children. Write about things you like (e.g penguins: https://splashingpenguins.neocities.org/, or astronomy: https://northernpenguins.neocities.org/, ... or if you like to tinker: https://simplifier.neocities.org/index.html ).

Create your neocities.org site today!
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