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December 2022

Government misinformation

Western governments were the main source of misinformation with regards to covid:

Many people see these points now as self-evident lies.

Eventually everybody will understand that those are lies.

Malice is the bedfellow of Incompetence and therefore censorship will now continue to limit the political damage. We will also see more talk about amnesty and various "independent commissions". The covid bioweapon will soon be called "a mild disease". We will hear that mistakes were made on both sides:

www.bobmoran.co.uk, mistakes were made
www.bobmoran.co.uk, mistakes were made on both sides...

Peudoscience and superstition are alive and well and they thrive in an environment of fear. There is a lot of money to be made with it. Corporate and state media are here to help and they wish you a merry Christmas! :-)

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