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A honeysuckle cough sirup recipe

Honeysuckle is a beautiful hedge that blossoms in May. It is widely known for its medicinal benefits. There are different kinds of honeysuckle with differently colored blossoms. All of them can be used for this recipe.

honeysuckle hedge blossoms in spring
honeysuckle honeysuckle honeysuckle honeysuckle
honeysuckle hedge blossoms in spring

Honeysuckle blossoms and leave have antiseptice properties. A tea made of honeysuckle flowers can be used to treat a sore throat as well a urinary tract disorders.

Note that the honeysuckle berries must not be used since they are a slightly poisonous.

A Honeysuckle sore throat and cough remedy can made by adding honey to a concentrated honeysuckle tea.

Here is what you need to make the cough siroup:
-A hand full of freshly picked honeysuckle flowers 
 (optinally with some leaves)

freshly picked honeysuckle blossoms
freshly picked honeysuckle blossoms

Give a handfull of honeysuckle blossoms in a pot and add enough water to just cover most of the flowers with water. In other words you need by volume as much water as loose honeysuckle flowers.

Boil it to make a honeysuckle tea. Let it simmer for 10min then take a fork and remove most of the leaves and the blossoms from the water. You can leave some in the water. Leaving all honeysuckle blossoms in the water would be too much and result in some kind honeysuckle spinach.

honeysuckle blossoms tea
honeysuckle blossoms tea
honeysuckle blossoms tea, a slightly yellow liquid
Honeysuckle blossoms tea. It is a transparent, slightly yellow liquid.

Let the honeysuckle tea cool down just a little bit and add honey while it is still hot. You need about 30% of honey by volume. Thus if you added at the beginning 200ml of water to make the tea then add now about 60ml of honey (30% of 200ml = 60ml).

honeysuckle cough remedy

You can store the honeysuckle siroup for a couple of month in the fridge.

Note that honey products must not be given to babys and very small children.

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