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A list of fast public dns servers

Google started to provide fast anycast DNS servers a few years ago and they became very popular because they were often better than those of local internet service providers. These servers are reachable under the same IP address anywhere in the world but the DNS requests do not go to a central server. There are many servers with the same IP address and it always go to the one which is physically the closest to you.

The problem is that Google uses the data. It can correlate the DNS requests with other information about you and build a profile. This way it can know what you are doing on the internet even when you don't use it's search engine. Even if you use google DNS you can throw some other DNS servers into the mix to improve privacy. To do round robin look-up over servers from several different independent companies is probably a good idea.

Here is a list of DNS servers that I found to be fast and without any obvious other problems:

I do not believe in DNS servers that block certain sites for improved security since this can easily be used to censor the internet. I have therefore excluded DNS server addresses which filter out sites.

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