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December 2023

Intended reproductive harm

Two Moderna engineers posted on Dec, 9, 2020, the below warning. It contains a number of almost unbelievable details that were only years later independently confirmed. Few people who read this post thought that it was true but it has aged extremely well. Not everything has been confirmed to this day but many allegations are now confirmed. It is very likely that this is an authentic and honest warning from real insiders.

Warning from Moderna engineers about intended harm, posted 2020-12-09 anonymously

In plain English this warning says: The current generation taking the vaccine will either die or suffer from a difficult to cure condition but more importantly their kids will be infertile or suffer miscarriages. This is not an unintended side effect but intentional.

Igor Chudov and Andreas Oehler have analyzed this warning in detail and their articles are highly recommended:
Igor Chudov said that it would be easy to check newborn babies for genetic defects but it is actually not that easy because no government wants to see such an analysis at this point. The gene modifications that Moderna allegedly put in are recessive. This means they will express in all children whose parents both have those modifications. These genes will be there for many generations making the affected parents sterile. The mechanisms of those genes has been studied (https://www.researchgate.net/publication/341158786_Genetic_Epigenetic_and_Steroidogenic_Modulation_Mechanisms_in_Endometriosis, Genetic, Epigenetic, and Steroidogenic Modulation Mechanisms in Endometriosis, local pdf copy).

Those diabolic forces that came up with this alleged plan could probably not fully test it. They could have done some basic experiments to verify the overall idea but I think it is unlikely that they could test the dose properly to get the desired amount of infertility in the general population. If today 10% of women suffer from endometriosis then it will be a higher number in future but it is unlikely to be 80% (or whatever the vaccination rate in a given country is). This is the hope we have but it's unknown at this point.

We know also that the composition and concentration of active ingredients was changed on a per batch basis and they were probably still experimenting during the official roll-out with the doses.

You don't need to commit evil acts to support evil, you just need to deny that this level of evil is possible. The evil can however be stopped by shining a light on it. It's tough to come to terms with what the Moderna whistleblower said but it is important (8:32) to understand it.

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