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November 2021

Covid-19 early treatment

It's well understood that poor outcomes are associated with a lack of early treatment. There are many things you can do at home in the early phases and those steps will determine the trajectory.

An interesting study by professor S.V. Subramanian from the Harvard School of Public Health (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34591202/, local copy: pdf, 897KB) shows that the number of COVID-19 cases is unrelated to the levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States. Thus, COVID-19 can come to you independent of your vaccination status and the status of others around you.

Vaccines are a personal treatment option. However they are not a reliable protection against COVID-19 and they wane quickly. COVID-19 could arrive at anybody's doorstep at any time. Fortunately there are good early treatment options for everybody.

https://c19early.com/ has a real-time analysis of over a thousand studies and adds information as new studies and treatments become available. Many of these substances can be combined to achieve a synergetic effect.

A common combination of medications, supplements and herbs is: Vitamin C, Asperin, Vitamin D, Zinc, Melatonin, Curcumin, Quercetin, Nigella Sativa and Ivermectin. All but Ivermectin tablets are available over the counter and you can have them at home "just in case". Saw Palmetto is an over the counter anti-androgen. There are however no Saw Palmetto specific studies yet.

Screenshot of c19early.com taken Nov 7, 2021

Vitamin D3 should be taken continuously during the winter even while you are not sick. If you take it only once you're sick then it's too late. The D3 tablets need to be metabolized in your body and that takes time. Vitamin D3 ist best taken in the morning because it's naturally made from sunlight and those D3 tablets make your body think it's daytime.

Quercetin, Vitamin D3, Curcumin and Ivermectin dissolve in fat and oil. They are absorbed better if taken with food that contains some fat. Vitamin C, Melatonin powder, Asperin and Zinc salts dissolve in water. Zinc tablets are made of some sort of zinc salt together with microcrystalline cellulose. Zinc Sulfate corresponds to 23% elemental Zinc. Zinc Gluconate corresponds to 14% elemental Zinc. Zinc Citrate corresponds to 31% elemental Zinc and Zinc Oxide corresponds to 80% elemental Zinc. Thus if you take e.g a tablet containing 50mg Zinc Gluconate then that is equivalent to 7mg elemental Zinc. However you have to double check if the mg number mentioned on the package corresponds to the salt weight or already to the equivalent elemental Zinc content. Do not take too much Zinc at once as it can upset your stomach. Spread it over the day.

How do you use these therapeutics? Treatment protocols are available to guide you and provide dosage information. See e.g. the FLCCC protocol: https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/. The FLCCC protocol is probably the best and it is also updated as new studies become available. There is also the world council for health guide with a colorful brochure style of document: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/early-covid-19-treatment-guidelines-a-practical-approach-to-home-based-care-for-healthy-families/.

There is no reason to be fearful. Be prepared.

I can say from personal experience with covid in our family and among friends that this disease lasts between one and three days if treated properly at the onset of first symptoms. Early means really "within hours". Everybody I know was able to do light work at home (e.g on the computer or in the garden) while they were sick.

The covid spike protein can cause blood cloth if it gets into circulation in the body and it takes longer than the actual illness to remove the fragments of that protein completely from the body. This is usually only a concern if you started early treatment "late" because you did not recognize that you have covid-19. Asperin and Ginkgo Biloba are over the counter blood thinners that can be used. Nattokinase is an over the counter supplement that dissolves blood clots.

Covid-19 depletes you of B-vitamins. Especially B1 but it is good to supplement with a B-complex after the disease is over or when you are a few days into the disease. A lack of vitamin B interferes with the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production and causes you to be very tired.

We have seen over and over those frightening pictures of severely ill people on life-support. This is not how the disease starts. Every case of covid will start as a mild case and you need to treat it in that stage. During the first few days, you are almost not sure if you are sick. It's milder than any cold or flu that you've had in the past. It starts, e.g. with a light scratching in the throat or a mild diarrhea. That early diarrhea might seem like nothing unusual, as if you had eaten a can of beans. We are all unique individuals. Everybody is different but you will have a mild case of one of the known covid-19 symptoms. It is only after a few days of mild disease that covid-19 will become exponentially worse. The idea of early treatment is to stop the illness in its first few days, and the medications in the FLCCC early treatment protocol have the ability to do that.

The spike-protein itself is a pathogen (toxin) that can cause neurological damage. Ivermectin can bind to the spike-potein and disable it however ivermectin is not active in the brain. Broccoli and Brussels sprouts contain a substance known as sulforaphane that directly stimulates the repair of damaged nerve tissue in the brain. The Covid-19 virus starts to replicated in the nose and throat and at first it will only reach the cells on the surface. Only later will it penetrate deeper into the body. Thus neurological effects are unlikely if you treat early. Never the less it is good to know that eating for a few days Broccoli and Brussels sprouts can help.

References and updates

The worldcouncilforhealth.org has a spike protein detox guide. It has includeds also substances such as dandelion, prunella vulgaris (heal all) that you can easily grow in your garden: https://worldcouncilforhealth.org/resources/spike-protein-detox-guide/ (local copy: Spike_Protein_Detox_Guide-worldcouncilforhealth.pdf, 6.3MB).
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