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November 2023

A permanent cure for cold sores, HSV-1 virus

Cold sores are supposed to be caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) and this virus is a common and re-occurring problem for many people. A whole shelf of remedies exist at your pharmacy and doctors have also some more powerful prescription stuff but essentially they can't do much. You have to live with it. All the stuff they have gives temporary relieve and hopefully accelerates healing but there is apparently no cure.

It has been a conspiracy for a long time that Big Pharma has been hiding cures so they can reap massive profits treating symptoms instead of curing or eradicating the cause.

The flu and especially a Covid-19 infection can trigger an outbreak of cold sores. It comes usually after the main disease is over. One week later you get a tingling feeling around the lips and this is the start of a coldsore.

I treat Covid-19 with a combination of Z-stack and ivermectin. I have never been sick for more than a day with covid. In fact I was not sure that I even had covid after my first infection during the delta-wave in 2021. Symptoms started in the morning and in the late afternoon I was done with it. No more runny nose, nothing. This opened my eyes very much to the pharma ivermectin scare and fraud. I had been suffering from seasonal flu like illnesses for decades and here was this novel disease that is supposedly more severe than the flu and it can be cured within hours if addressed early. I was speechless. I have to say that current variants such EG.5 as are generally milder but replicate faster and are therefore more difficult to treat with ivermectin than the early variants. So don't expect the same miracle if you are new to ivermectin but it still makes a difference.

The problem for me is not covid itself but the cold sores after covid.

There is some evidence that Ivermectin might be effective for HSV-1. See:

Pharma will of course not do any human studies because they want to say that they don't know any good solution to the problem and they keep selling their quack remedies at high profits. However that does not stop us from trying it.

Taking human ivermectin tablets orally does not prevent cold sores. It might accelerate the healing but it does not seem to be a cure. The concentration at the site of infection is too low. There is however horse-paste. It's over the counter and it is basically ivermectin dissolved in vegetable oil and then made into a gel by adding aerosil (silicon dioxide) or titanium dioxide. Dependent on the gelling agent you get either a transparent gel or a white gel. There is also a transparent paste containing moxidectin with a water based gelling agent. It works too. These pastes are ideal for topical applications!

I gave it a try: At the onset of a coldsore I put a dab of ivermectin paste on it. It still became a coldsore but it disappeared quickly. I kept applying ivermectin paste until it was gone. I keep also taking the Z-stack, NAC and resveratol during this phase but I don't know if this is really needed or how much it helps.

I had now covid and/or the flu a few times. Subsequently the cold sores would show up. However I notice a pattern: Coldsore don't come back at any of the spots where I had previously cured one with ivermectin paste. It seems to me that ivermectin paste eradicates the virus but an outbreak must happen for ivermectin paste to get rid of the cause. That is: it does not do anything while the virus is sleeping but it seems to cure you from it during the active phase and it prevents a re-infection at that spot.

I am pretty sure about this because I do not longer get any cold sores on the upper left side of my lip and for the past decades this was the main spot of bother. So I am hoping that eventually there will be no more cold sores at all. It might take a few years to get there but I am optimistic.

Note: I am aware that according to the theory of virology the herpes virus infects you and integrates into cells. The HSV virus can use some unknown mechanism to hide inside nerve cells (ganglionic neurons) where the immune system can not see it. It should therefore not be possible cure cold sores unless something else is happening. It is possible that the viruses theory is incomplete or wrong. Virologists have to this day unfortunately failed to isolate a virus and demonstrate that this virus is still replication competent in a target cell. There are however EVs (extracellular vesicles) which are quite small (30nm to 10μm dependent on the type) and they can transfer genetic information and then cause disease. It could be that stand-alone viruses do not exist and genetic material is simply propagated between persons via EVs. In any case I will keep you updated as this experiment about the effectiveness of Ivermectin against cold sores continues.

update Jan 5, 2024: BHT, Butylated hydroxytoluene

No cold sores yet but I have learned something new and I would like to thank Andreas Oehler for writing about BHT (see his article below). BHT is an antiviral that treats a number of lipid envelope viral diseases. BHT is approved as a food additive in small quantities. BHT is also a powerful fat soluble antioxidant and it's added to food or cosmetics to extend the shelf life. As a preservative it prevents oils and fats from getting rancid. I knew about BHT as an ingredient in store bought lard or cosmetics and I had used it myself in salves but it was new to me that it is also a powerful antiviral against all lipid envelope viruses.

I agree that fresh and organic products are the best but the same natural product companies often claim that BHT causes cancer or is an endocrine disrupter. I have studied BHT and my conclusion is that those claims are unfounded. BHT seems to be much safer than any of the prescription antivirals available for cold sores and BHT may actually have overall positive health effects.

Here are some resources to learn about BHT. It's been on the market for a very long time:

Pure foodgrade BHT is a light weight (low density) snow flake like powder with a faint mineral oil taste. A topical BHT salve with about 10% BHT by weight is probably a good way to treat cold sores. This could be used in a combination therapy with BHT, Ivermectin and some natural oils. You can buy BHT as a pure chemical (a purity of 99.8% BHT or higher is considered food grade) or you can find BHT capsules for oral consumption in vitamin stores. For cold sores a paste/cream/salve should be a much better option than a capsules. When you ingest it orally then that just dilutes it and the concentration at the site of the cold sore is low. BHT will however never be available as a ready made salve for purchase. This is because there are limitations as to how much BHT can be put into cosmetics as preservative and regulators do not recognize BHT as an antiviral. We will therefore make our own BHT salve. This allows us to add in addition some potentially beneficial oils. Here is my suggestion for a BHT salve to treat cold sores (recipe by volume): All ingredients melt well below 100'C. Use a small pot and make sure it's not too hot when mixing the ingredients. Take a small drop of the salve and let it cool down on a ceramic plate that has room temperature to test the consistency. You want it to be soft. If you use the powder from BHT capsules bought at the vitamin store to make this salve then be aware that all capsules contain fillers such as e.g rice flower and those fillers will not dissolve in oil. It's not a problem but don't be surprised if there is some kind of "sand" at the bottom of your pot that does not want to dissolve.

You could add to the above slave also St. John's wort in olive oil extract. St. John's wort contains hypericin which is known to be a powerful herpes antiviral. On the other hand if you just want a basic BHT salve with no other oils then use only coconut oil and BHT powder.

I have tested this salve as general skin salve to see how it feels. It's good. I like it. I did not have any cold sore yet. I can't comment yet on it's efficacy as a cold sore treatment but based on the above literature it should be extremely effective. The plan is to alternate ivermetin paste and this BHT cold sore salve. E.g at the onset of the first tingling feeling on the lips I would put a bit of BHT salve, an hour later I would use ivermectin paste, after another hour use again BHT salve, ...

I consider both the ivermectin horse paste and the above BHT salve safe and edible (in small quantities).

I have found on an internet forum a comment from one person claiming that BHT heals also canker sores more quickly. Canker sores are somewhat similar to cold sores but appear on the inside of the mouth. The medical community thinks that canker sores are not caused by a virus (the cause of canker sores is officially unknown).

I am sharing here my ideas about a hopefully very efficient and cheap cold sore treatment. I am not advising anybody in any way. It might take a few month until I get the flu/covid and the subsequent cold sores and I will update this article as soon as I have more results.

Why was ivermectin used as an antiviral for covid-19 and almost nobody used BHT? The main reason is that ivermectin is not just an antiviral. It has many mechanisms of action and one of the most important ones is the binding to sialylated glycans on the spike protein. This binding prevents the clumping and clotting of blood. BHT is not known to have this effect.

update Jan 16, 2024: curing shingles with ivermectin

Everything mentioned will likely work for shingles. See article by Dr Tess Lawrie: https://drtesslawrie.substack.com/p/retired-general-practitioner-finds.

The above article by Dr Lawrie is about a retired doctor treating his wife with ivermectin tablets. I believe that his wife would have been cured even faster if he had used ivermectin paste as a topical cream.

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