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Clean-up weekend

I have participated this year in the town's clean-up weekend. I took a section of road with houses on one side and a section of forest on the other side. I never thought that it would be such a educational activity. It's very interesting what you learn about people and society in general when you do this. I can really recommend everybody to do something like this at least once.

This is a nice neighborhood, people keep their yards clean and claim to care about the environment....

no dumping, that's what the sign says... Some of the stuff we found
A no dumping sign and a small sample of the items we found near that sign.

We saw a lot of places where people had dumped construction materials off the back of a truck into the woods. Those areas were just noted down and later a crew with an excavator would come to take them. The items that we picked-up were all the smaller items. Alcohol and wine bottles, coffee cups, beer cans and plastic bags toped the list. The kind of plastic bags that we found most often were those small plastic bags that dog owners use to pick-up after their dogs.

Obviously some dog owners pick-up behind their dogs not to keep the town clean but just to look good in-front of their neighbors. They just toss it into the woods when they think that nobody sees it...

Drinking in public is prohibited here and yet it does not look like that when you look at the items we found.

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