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My graphics tutorials

3d programs:
          Blender tutorials:
          Blender is a phantastic open source 3D graphics program

                Going 3D with Blender: Modeling a clock

                Going 3D with Blender: Modeling a chest

                Going 3D with Blender: A room with toys

                Going 3D with Blender: A toy train

                Going 3D with Blender: Very first steps

2d programs:
          The Gimp is a wonderful 2D graphics program

                Photo magic with Gimp

                Playing around with Dingbats and The Gimp

                Creating panoramic views using Hugin, Enblend and The Gimp

          Image Magick can achieve amazing things in a short time when used together with the shell.
          The article is already a bit old and ImageMagick has changed a bit but the basics are still the same.

                Do magic with images on the shell

          Tuxpaint is a paint program (not only) for kids which is absolutely great and fun!

                Tuxpaint: A paint program for kids

          Kino is a very good program for editing film.

                Light, camera, action..Kino!

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