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★ December 24 : Christmas Eve ★

merry Christmas

When Gini and Karl woke up in the morning the sun was already shining into their rooms. Today was Christmas! Finally! After breakfast they went up to their rooms to tidy them once again. And they took the presents that they had for the other family members all in one place to have them handy for the afternoon. Mom Sara was also busy with her last cleaning jobs. On Christmas everything needed to shine and glow! Papa Antoin was in the kitchen like on every Christmas Eve morning to bake a special cake they called fir cone. It was kind of a chocolate cake and mom Sara just loved it! They only had this cake for Christmas! When Gini and Karl had finished tidying their rooms they quickly went to the bakery to buy some freshly baked baguette for their special meal in the evening. For lunch they only had a small snack as they wanted to be able to eat more of their Christmas meal in the evening and on the next two days. After lunch Gini and Karl went into the garden and built a new snowman. He was even bigger and more beautiful than the others. Then they made a snowball fight with their parents. And then all four of them took a shower and put on their Christmas clothes.
Quickly Gini put some nuts for the squirrels on their terrace. They should notice too that it was Christmas and be happy.
Even though it seemed to take forever it finally was later afternoon. Now Santa should be coming very soon and the long wait should finally be over.
Mom Sara was wearing her blue dress like always. Gini had bought herself a brand new red dress. Papa Antoin and Karl wore elegant gray suits. All four of them looked very pretty! Papa Antoin had already put enough wood into the open fire place and they had already laid the table for their meal. Now they were waiting upstairs for Santa.
Then suddenly they heard some noise. And really: When they ran down to the living room it was full of presents. But Santa had really left but who knows maybe they would finally be able to see him next year...
When all four were ready papa Antoin took a little bell and rang. Then Mom Sara sat down at the piano, Gini took her recorder and papa Antoin and Karl sang. They sang and played all the Christmas songs they knew and with all the texts that they knew. And they sang and played all the songs twice. After that they lighted the candles on their Christmas tree and played Christmas carols on the CD player. For a moment they all stood silently in front of their Christmas tree and looked at the wonderful tree who had already become a part of their family!
Then they went to their places and started opening their gifts. Of course everyone had gotten wonderful presents. Gini unpacked her camera and at once took some pictures. Karl was happy about his lego-train that he wanted to build right after he had unpacked all his other presents. Then Gini and Karl unpacked some more presents. Like every year they had gotten lots of them.
Then they called grandma and grandpa to wish them a merry Christmas. Grandma and Grandpa had just unpacked their gifts too and now wanted to start enjoying their Christmas meal. They too ate baguette with butter and salmon and drank herbal tea. Of course they also ate salad and lots of other delicious things! Shortly before they wanted to sit down aunt Lucy called and wished them a merry Christmas too. Their gifts had arrived just in time and she thanked Gini and Karl happily!
Finally they sat down around the table and enjoyed their Christmas meal!
And after that they played until late at night with their new presents. What a wonderful Christmas Eve! Merry Christmas to everyone!

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