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★ December 21 : Making Christmas presents ★

Christmas presents

Just three days until Christmas! The house was nicely decorated for Christmas from top to bottom, you could smell cookies and fresh branches and Christmas! Gini and Karl sat in the living room and quickly wanted to craft some presents. They hadn't sent anything to aunt Lucy and their cousin Clara yet and for Felicitas and Clive they wanted to make a gift as well. Gini took a pair of old big yellow socks that she had taken out of the basement and washed a few days ago. She filled one with waste fabric and sewed it together at the end. The other yellow sock was cut into two big sloppy ears that she sewed on top of the other yellow sock. Then she took some colorful fabric and glued the eyes and nose on the sock. Now her self made dog was ready. Proudly she looked at it! Then she wrapped it and started working on her next present.
Karl had taken some empty toilet rolls and put colorful gift wrap around. Then he cut them into different sizes. He took a cardboard box and cut a circle where he glued colorful paper on too. Then he glued everything together and had made a nice pencil holder for aunt Lucy.
When they had wrapped their presents they quickly put everything into a box and ran to the post office. If they sent it with express post it hopefully would arrive just in time for Christmas.
Back home Gini took her fabrics out again and cut two body parts. Again they filled it and sewed it together. After that she sewed four legs on it and a tail. And ears. Now only the eyes, nose and mouth were missing. Quickly she glued them on too. Karl made a car in the meantime. He took a box where he glued on nice colorful paper. He made holes on the sides and put two sticks, one on the front, the other in the back. Papa Antoin helped him drill holes in the bottle caps that he wanted to use as wheels. Now the box was already riding. Next he took a smaller box, decorated it with nice colorful paper and glued it on the bigger one. And the car was done.
They wrapped their gifts, put on their warm clothes and went to Felicitas and Clive to bring the gifts to them. There everything was nicely decorated too. And Clive and Felicitas had gifts for them too. But they would all wait for Christmas until they would open them. Even though they were very curious indeed!
Quickly they went into the street to make a snowball fight. Then they warmed themselves up again with hot chocolate and delicious cookies. Felicitas took a board game off the shelf and they played together until it was time for Gini and Karl to go home. It had started to snow anew. Big snowflakes slowly went down to earth. They all happily yelled "Merry Christmas" before Gini and Karl went home through the snow.

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