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★ December 17 :Baking more Christmas cookies ★

more Christmas cookies

Today Gini and Karl were in their kitchen baking some more Christmas cookies. Like always it was a lot of fun to prepare the dough, to cut the cookies out and put them into the oven. It smelled so good! Soon the cookies were ready. Now they put them on small carton plates and put some napkins around. Then their friends Clive and Felicitas were already ringing at their door. They also carried a big basket full of plates with cookies.
Quickly Gini and Karl got into their boots and coats. They took their basket and off they went. This time they hadn't baked the cookies for themselves but to give them to friends and neighbours around town. First they went to their friends who lived a bit further away and surprised them with cookies. How big the joy was when their friends opened their door and saw them standing there giving out cookies. Some of them quickly ran into the kitchen to find some cookies they could give to the four friends as well. Gini, Karl, Felicitas and Clive walked through the town for a long time knocking at their friends' doors wishing them a merry Christmas and offering them some cookies. They didn't want to forget a single friend.
It was already dark when they had given cookies to all of their friends. Now they still needed to go to their neighbours. How happy they all were! When they were waiting in front of a door of a neighbour of Clive and Felicitas Gini suddenly said: "Look, there at the window overthere I can see your nasty neighour. Probably she wants to see if she can complain about us again." But in that moment the door opened and they were busy saying "Merry Christmas" and giving out their cookies. Then they went on to the next house. Gini looked again up to the window. The neighbour was still standing there watching them. "I think she looks quite sad" Gini noted. They went on to knock on the doors of their other neighbours. "Maybe we should give your angry neighbour some cookies too." Karl said. "What!?!" the other three called out in unison. "Why should we give her any cookies? She has never been nice to us!" "Well, because it's Christmas." Karl said. "We do have enough cookies and we can bake new ones whenever we wish.". The others grumbled. They went on doing their round to give away their cookies and everywhere people received them happily and friendly.
Finally they had been everywhere. Except for the unfriendly grumpy neighour. "Maybe Karl is right", pondered Clive. "We at least show then that we don't have a heart made out of stone as well." "I don't really feel good ringing at her door", Felicitas said. "What if she gets angry with us again?" "We will see when we try it. We would go home anyhow. So there can't happen much." Gini decided. So they went courageously up the stairs and knocked at the grumpy neighbour's door with their hearts beating. It took a long while during which nothing happened. They almost were about to leave the cookies in front of the door and go home when finally very slowly the door opened. "We wish you a very merry Christmas" Gini said while she was offering the woman their cookies. The others murmured "Merry Christmas" too. Then they turned and went quickly down the stairs.
Clive and Felicitas went into their house and Gini and Karl went home too. It really was a wonderful afternoon. It was so nice to bring joy to others. And sometimes it's really not important if you get something back or not as the act of giving and seeing the happy faces is reward enough already!

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