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★ December 15 : A Christmas nativity play ★

xmas nativity play

After school Gini and Karl and their friends met in the gym. They wanted to write a script to perform the Christmas story at the Christmas party on the last day before the holidays.
First they looked in the side room what costumes and props were still there from last year and could be used again. Luckily lots of things were still there. They went on the stage and looked behind the curtain to get a feel for the stage. Then they sat down in a circle to write the script.
"What could be the first scene?", Clive asked. "First Maria and Joseph must be shown on their hard journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem". Felicitas said. "Maybe we can show Maria and Joseph on their journey and after a dialog that shows how hard the journey is and that Maria expects a child, a speaker could give the reasons for their trip!"
Said and done. Quickly the children built a road with palm trees on its sides with the materials they already had available. On one of the sides of the stage they put some cardbox houses. Costumes they could use for Joseph and Maria were also already there. Maria got a cushion so that she looked pregnant. In the box they also found a very beautiful donkey costume. Gini really wanted to play the donkey. The costume was so warm and so wonderfully soft too! Soon it was decided who would play which role.
Now they started with the performance of the first scene. With lots of baggage Maria and Joseph walked along the path with their donkey. Many other people were traveling along the same road. Again and again Maria stopped to get a short break, The speaker told the audience that King Augustus in Rome wanted to do a census and therefore everyone had to return to his birthplace.
"To be honest I don't really understand why everyone had to travel to his place of birth", Wim said. "Why didn't everyone fill in the data at the place where they lived now and public servants brought the lists to the different places. That would have been much easier." "That's right", Gini said thoughtfully, "But maybe all this also shows the many useless rules and restrictions and how little average people were valued."
In the next scene there were lots and lots of houses on the stage. Maria and Joseph had reached Bethlehem looking for a place to spend the night. But of course there were many others too who were looking for a room as well. Joseph knocked on every door but all the rooms were already taken. Finally an innkeeper offered them to stay the night in his stable.
"I wouldn't really want to sleep in a stable" Anna said. "It must have been very cold and uncomfortable inside". "But maybe the stable wasn't the worst place to give birth to Jesus under the given circumstances as there they at least weren't disturbed by others, they had at least a little bit of privacy." Felicitas said. "And those hotel rooms at that time certainly haven't been exactly luxurious either", Karl added.
In the next scene baby Jesus was lying in the crib on hay and straw. The animals in the stable curiously wanted to see him and they kept him warm with their breath. Above the stable the Christmas star was glowing brightly with its nice trail. The herdsmen who were on the fields with their sheep saw it and walked to the stable to see the newborn baby.
Again they rebuilt the stage. Again there were lots of houses and the herdsmen were going from house to house telling everyone that "Tonight God's son, our saviour is born."
And another changing of the scene: The three holy kings Kaspar, Melchior and Balthazar got the joyous message and went with their camels packed with presents to Bethlehem. The Christmas star showed them their way. In the stable they gave their presents to the newborn child: gold, incense and myrrh.
They decided to sing the song "2000 decembers ago" to end their performance. It's really such a wonderful song.
"Each year we look forward and celebrate anew the birth of Jesus at Christmas time. To be honest I prefer the stories with Santa and how he brings the presents with his reindeer much more. But Jesus certainly was a very special person who deserves to be remembered at Christmas. Because of him our sins are forgiven and he helped the ones society had forgotten.", Karl said. "He not only can teach us a lot but reenacting his birth is a lot of fun too", Gini added and laughed.

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