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★ December 12 : Christmas concert ★

Christmas concert

Finally the day had come: After practicing their Christmas Carols again and again now was the big day to perform in the old people's home. The whole morning they were quite nervous and excited, they could hardly sit still at school. It was their first concert ever! Finally school was over. Quickly they ran home. There their parents were already waiting and together they went to the old people's home. When they arrived at the old people's home the big hall was beautifully decorated. At the entrance there was a very beautiful Christmas tree that was illuminated by many candles. There were branches on the table, candles were lighted and there were cookies everywhere. The sight of the cookies made Karl's mouth watery. Suddenly he felt very hungry. He could hardly wait until he was finally allowed to try them.
They weren't the only kids who would take part in the celebrations. Another group was there to perform the Christmas story, others had learnt poems by heart to now recite them to the audience and a bigger girl had practised a piece on the piano. She would play first, then it would be Gini and Karl and their friend's turn. Only minutes to go. The hall was filling up with more and more old people who seemed to come from every corner of the house. Such an event, such a welcome change to the daily routine couldn't be missed. For them the celebrations were nicer than Christmas Eve itself. Gini was very excited and nervous. Quickly she went out in the corridor to go to the bathroom one more time before the performance would begin. There in the distance she saw an old lady standing in the corridor who looked a bit sad and showed no signs of going into the hall. Gini had often seen her walking by her house. When Gini came out of the bathroom again and the old lady was still standing there all by herself, Gini walked over to her: "Hello", she said. "Why aren't you going in the big hall? Everything is so nicely decorated and the concert is about to start any minute now." "Oh no", replied the old lady elusively, "I'll rather go to bed. For me such events are not important anymore" "Oh come one", said Gini and took the old lady's arm. "We are singing and playing our recorders in a moment, you can't miss that." "No, no" the old lady answered. "But why not? What happened?" A bit abashed the old lady finally admitted: "You know, this morning I quarreled with my girl-friends. If I went into the big hall now I would just feel sad and lonely". "But no, Come on", Gini said. "My brother and I would be very sad if you weren't there." Reluctantly the old lady followed Gini into the hall taking a chair right next to the exit door.
As soon as they had entered the hall the concert began. The girl on the piano played wonderfully, it was a snow piece and you could really feel how the snow flakes fell down and the kids played in the snow, built a snowman, made a snow angel and threw snowballs in a snowball fight. As she had ended there were standing ovations! And then Gini and Karl and her friends already were on the stage singing and playing Christmas Carols. It didn't take long and all the people in the hall were singing along with them. What fun everyone had!
Everyone was joyous and the atmosphere was great when they had finished their last song. Now it was very quiet while the other group of kids were performing their Christmas nativity play and the other kids recited their poems. When they had finished a band started to play Christmas Carols and everyone was invited to dance. The old lady danced the wildest of all. She happily waved to Gini. "What did you talk with her about when you came back into the hall?", Karl asked curiously. "She didn't want to come because she had quarreled with her friends. Therefore I kind of dragged her here" Gini said. Felicitas giggled. "Those old people are even sillier than we are." "You are right. Look how joyous she is now. Sometimes it is really easy to make other people happy". And smilingly they joined the others on the dance floor. What a wonderful Christmas concert!

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