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★ December 11 : Decorating the house ★

xmas wreath

After enjoying a delicious chocolate from their Christmas calendar Gini and Karl decided that they wanted to decorate the house a bit more. Of course they had already decorated it a bit and it already looked very Christmas like. But doing some crafts simply belongs to Christmas like Santa and the reindeer belong together. So they cut a house and glued a red roof and a black chimney on it. Inside the house there was a big fireplace. And a wonderful Christmas tree with burning candles and lots of presents. The dinning table was very nicely laid and on it there was a nice looking wreath with 4 candles. A Christmas calendar was hanging on the wall. In front of the house you could see Santa with his sleigh and reindeer. Santa was just putting his big bag down from the sleigh. The garden of the house also was very beautiful, it had a beautifully illuminated Christmas tree. And there were several wonderful snowmen. They really had so much fun with cutting and gluing everything.
After they were done with their craft work they played with their legos. But they were still in a Christmas mood. With red and white bricks they built a Santa Claus. Out of brown bricks they made a reindeer, with yellow ones a sleigh. Of course they also built a snowman and last but not least a Christmas tree couldn't be missing neither.
Outside it gradually became dark and freezing cold. But Gini and Karl were busy doing craftworks and playing with lego so that they didn't notice. Next they started cutting out stars and made a reindeer and snowflakes and candles out of paper that they hung on the walls and windows.
When it was time to go to bed their house looked even more Christmas like and felt more warm and cozy than ever before.

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